Breast Augmentation with Lift

About the Breast Lift with Augmentation Procedure

At times, the breasts can be both low and have a lack of volume. In those cases, a combination of breast lift with augmentation may be indicated. These procedures can be difficult if done in combination, in part because of the need for the central part of the breast and the implant to match in position. Both the implant and the nipple can also drift downward after surgery and those processes do not always match. The difficulty of these procedures has been published about.  Understanding that there may need to be small touch ups when the surgery has settled to correct any asymmetry is important if you are considering those procedures in combination.



What to Expect


Ptosis is the medical term for “Descent”. In the case of the breast this is determined by the position of the nipple in relationship to the inframammary fold or where the underwire of a bra sits. If the nipple is above that fold there is no drop of the breast. If the nipple is at or slightly below the fold it is called grade 1 ptosis. If it is below the fold that is considered grade 2 ptosis and if the nipple points downward that is grade 3 ptosis.

Remember that implants must sit behind the nipple at their greatest projection, and that implants alone doo not significantly lift the breast. Occasionally when the nipple is only slightly low or at grade 1 ptosis, adding an implant can lift the nipple slightly but if the nipple is too low a breast lift or mastopexy should be done.


Recovery for the procedures in combination is similar to the procedures done individually.

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